Many have left villages to settle in Jamnagar, Mumbai, Bangalore, Other parts of India. Many have migrated to Africa, UK, The Americas, Australia, Other parts of Asia. Some of whom were Oshwals of Vagad District, crossed the desert of Kutch and established a settlement around city of Khambhaliya of Halar district, naming it the capital. Later on, the settlement spread eastwards and a new capital was founded which was named after Jam Rawal as Jam Nagar. This site has been developed to provide quick announcement and services to worldwide Halari Visa Oshwal Community. The aim is to motivate, education & relief work and inform Oshwals of their cultural identity and richness of it. It is also hoped to reach out to all Oshwals and offer them services they can relate to and encourage and promote positive Oshwal identity as well as greater educational and understanding of being Oshwal.


Profile, Aim and Functioning of OSRS

To remove Illiteracy and Poverty from society and to do overall social development and to do so wherever and whenever required at the time and at that place built education center / school and to manage it.

To provide scholarship or loan to bright students for higher education studies.

To provide financial help to handicapped, diseased and helpless people.

For educational and overall development of community by building schools, hospitals, music schools, Industrial education center, Housing society for financially weak people and various other things as per requirement at that particular point of time and to manage all such organizations.

To provide Medical Help for medical treatment to financially weak people at the time of need and to build community hospital to facilitate such requirements.

Latest Update

Balmandir 15 August2016
Chatralay 15 August 2016
Coin Exhibition Dt. 08-08-2016
Guru Purnima Dt. 19.07.2016
Opening Ceremony of Smart Class Dt. 29/7/2016
Parent Meeting Dt. 08.07.2016
Annual Day Celebration February 2016
26th January Celebration 2016
Modi School Science Fair - 2015-16
Sports Day Held on 17/12/2015